Friday, February 15, 2008

Book 10 of 2008: Kink by Saskia Walker and Sasha White

Book Description:

Two men. Two women. Two stories. Too wild...

Contemporary erotica filled with love, lust, and kink.

Sex, Lies, and Bondage Tape
Clayton's one hunk of a musician. A pinup hottie for squealing teens everywhere. And he's gay, Kelly Burton discovers when she sneaks into his dressing room for an autograph, but gets a peep show instead. But Kelly's soon distracted: a bouncer has found her. A bouncer with pecs of steel, a six-pack, and sinewy arms. After a scolding, the bounder decides to have his wicked way with the naughty-but-eager groupie. And what follows is a night of passion, hard-rock style...

Watch Me
Some people have coffee. Some have tea. But the only thing that wakes Bethany Mack up in the morning is sex. Too bad marriage to Grant has settled her into a sex-starved routine. That is, until she spies a hot, muscled roofer next door. Broad, sexy shoulders: check. A muscular chest you could nuzzle all day: check. And under those jeans, well, the thought ust makes her weak. So she puts on a little show for him through the window, letting her inhibitions loose, and discovers a naughty new addiction. But how will her husband react when he discovers just how far a desperate housewife will go for some loving from him?

My Opinion:

I must say... there is a LOT of great erotica out there on the bookshelves these days!!! I realized KINK had a story that tied in with Sasha White's other books that I had just read and had to pull the book off of Mt. TBR. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Saskia Walker writes some kick-ass erotica as well! Walker's story, SEX, LIES, AND BONDAGE TAPE (man I love that title... ha ha!), takes you into the look behind the scenes of a rock star's life and how the rock star is struggling with hiding "in the closet". But in the meantime, the main character of the story, Kelly, is learning a lot about her ownself while getting it on with the bouncer! The character growth in this story was fabulous (yes, erotica CAN have charactor development in it!!!) and I loved the way the story progressed... of course, the sex scenes were hot too! I will definitely be tracking down more of Walker's works! I'd love to hear more about what happens with the gay rock star couple as well as Kelly & "the bouncer"!

The second story in the book was WATCH ME, by Sasha White. This story fit very well along with her books BOUND, TROUBLE, and WICKED. Though I wish I had read this prior to reading the latter two as that's where it fell into place chronologically. Anywho... the story was focussed on 2 characters I hadn't learned much about yet, Bethany & Grant. (with some cameos of Ginger and Samair) Bethany was struggling with not getting the attention she needed from her husband and started running into "opportunities" to paly with her exhibitionist side. After a few charades, Grant busted her and got upset... only long enough to realize what she needed from him and then brought her to her knees as he decided to dominate her. The story took off from there as they played around with the D/s life style and got a fresh start on their love life. Yet another wild adventure from White and I can't wait for her to put out more books as she is quickly getting to the top of my favorite author's list!

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