Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Book 11 of 2008: Pandora Drive by Tim Waggoner

Book Description:

Damara Ruschmann was a child when her ability to manifest dreams and fantasies as three-dimensional, living-breathing reality first made itself known — with tragic results. After that terrible night, Damara withdrew from the world, becoming a recluse so that her power could never hurt anyone ever again. For twelve years, she's managed to keep her power under control, but now it's beginning to leak out, affecting all those around her. Like a wildfire, Damara's power soon rages out of control, and the hidden fantasies of her friends and neighbors begin to take on a terrible — and deadly — life of their own . . . on Pandora Drive.

My Opinion:

*re-reads description again* Ya know... I would never in a million years have expected what I read in this book from that description nor the similar write up on the back of the book. This book would be one that my friends would put in the "sick shit" genre though the description above makes it sound very mild. The people in Damara's town have fantasies alright, but some of them are extremely sick and twisted... especially Kenneth, the neighborhood pervert. Some of the scenes he was in had me nauseous (which, of course, means that Tim Waggoner was doing his job!) while other scenes made me crack up laughing (which either means it was truly funny or I'm just a sick little bitch! ha ha!!!).

I thank Nick Cato of Novello Publishers yet again for recommending a book that turned me onto a new author and had me flying through the chapters. I was having trouble putting this one down and it kept me up into the wee hours the last couple of nights. I'm looking forward to digging into Waggoner's LIKE DEATH in the next couple of weeks!

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