Monday, February 25, 2008

Book 13 or 2008: Red: A Seduction Tale by Maddie James


This "review" is a bit wimpy as I don't have a lot to go off of. This is an e-book that is to be released by Resplendence Publishing next month. I read an ARC of it since I'm involved in their beta reader program. I managed to find a small picture and a very brief description, so that's all I can give ya besides my opinion. LOL!!!

Book Description:

A grown-up version of Little Red Riding Hood in Resplendence's new Wicked line. (novella)

My Opinion:

This is my first reading of any of Maddie James works and since she's local to me I was very curious about her writing style. (I actually got to meet her several months back at an author signing in a nearby town) Red is a very enjoyable story, albeit too short. I think there could've been a lot more done with this story to make it a full length novel. I didn't feel that the novella allowed James enough time to fully develop the characters or let us really delve into the full background of what all was going on in the story. I thought the visuals were very good as was the storyline itself... I just wish it didn't have to be rushed due to the length of it. The sexual scenes in the book were written very well and I absolutely loved the scene where Garnet (Red) first realizes the wolf is also the man she had seen earlier in the story.

I will definitely be looking for more of Maddie James' stories... especially any full length novels she writes!

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